Go Contactless with our QR Solution

Unique experience for each guest. Basically a small kiosk machine for guests to order on their own without waiting for the staff!

Create a Contactless experience for guests

With our QR solution, utilize the QR code by assigning it to each party, each table inside the restaurant, or by putting one in front of your store!

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Request your
free demo

Try our industry top Retail Point of Sales system.

Simplify the overall process

You can simplify the overall process for your servers by assigning the QR to each table inside your restaurant!

Don't be afraid of the Curbside

Do not fear the curbside by having your unique store specific QR code! This code can activate within the specified radius from where the store is located.

A win for both the restaurant and guests

Utilizing the QR code will not only save you money, but by creating a unique experience for guests, you will get more regular customers and orders!

A perfectly integrated system that suits your business needs

With customizable solution Verona offers, build your dream restaurant to your liking and how you see fit!