Kitchen Display System

Connect flawlessly with your front of house and kitchen staff to work efficiently to seamlessly deliver amazing meals!

Are you still counting tickets?

Well those days are almost over with Verona Kitchen Display System. Mount it anywhere to the liking of your kitchen staff, making it easily accessible than paper tickets.

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Try our industry top Retail Point of Sales system.

Accurate orders. Every. Single. Time.

As orders are sent directly to appropriate stations, keep all orders organized by enabling alerts and timers. This way, there will be accurate orders every single time, which will minimize mistakes.

Flexible and Customizable System

Our kitchen display system caters to the front house and kitchen staff. But how much customization can actually be done?

A completely reliable system for your staff

Designed specifically for your kitchen staff, connect them seamlessly to the front of house staff with our fully functional and integrated program!

A perfectly integrated system that suits your business needs

With customizable solution Verona offers, build your dream restaurant to your liking and how you see fit!