Verona Station
Point of Sales

The POS system that caters to different types of restaurant businesses.

Choose what YOU want

Unlimited customization available to build your own POS system to fit your business needs and wants. The perfect intuitive system for all types of restaurants from quick service, cafes, to even full dine-in restaurants.

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Request your
free demo

Try our industry top Retail Point of Sales system.

All-in-One Cloud System

Run on local and cloud hybrid system so that you can easily manage all your devices at once even offline. Take care of different restaurant locations all at once from your fingertips.

Mobility to fit your business

Our Verona POS system is suitable for different conditions and is optimized at its finest to suit your business needs. Build your very own POS system that is tailored to your needs and wants!

Happy Staff = Happy Customers

Support not just your restaurant but make it easier for your staff members! Manage employee scheduling and integrate with other management systems to simplify operations overall.

A perfectly integrated system that suits your business needs

With customizable solution Verona offers, build your dream restaurant to your liking and how you see fit!