Verona Standalone Kiosk

Increase conversion rates while minimizing overall wait times. Maximize staff productivity. 

Perfectly Integrated System

All orders made through our kiosk system will be synced directly with our Verona point-of-sales system. With a quick and easy user interface, our Kiosk is perfectly adaptive to different screen sizes and tablets!

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Request your
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Try our industry top Retail Point of Sales system.

Unique and Great Experience for Guests

Have guests modify and customize their orders on the kiosk! Create a new check out experience for guests by having them order and customize their meal!

Guests take Control of Dining Experience

Have guests take control of their dining experience and free up your staff to handle other duties for the restaurant! A win-win scenario for both guests and the restaurant staff.

Maximized Efficiency in Your Restaurant

Verona Kiosks will not only reduce overall wait times, but also this unique ordering and check out method will help your restaurant run more seamlessly and efficiently.

A perfectly integrated system that suits your business needs

With customizable solution Verona offers, build your dream restaurant to your liking and how you see fit!