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At VELAONE, we empathize with the distinctive challenges that retail businesses and restaurants face in today’s market. Recognizing the need for proper solutions, we have designed comprehensive cloud-based solutions that cover all business requirements, including point of sale systems for retail and point of sale systems for restaurants. 

VELAONE’s cloud-based POS systems can improve your business operations. We’ll explore the features and benefits that can simplify your sales process and enhance customer experiences.

1. The power of cloud-based inventory management 

Manual inventory tracking is a thing of the past, which is why we designed cloud-based inventory management. The benefits of cloud-based inventory management are that owners can do real-time stock tracking, transfer stock across different locations, and have detailed analytics to optimize their stock management and drive profitability. 

2. Payment options for every customer preference 

In today’s diverse payment landscape, it’s crucial to offer flexible payment options. At VELAONE, we support various payment methods including EMV Chip cards, Magnet strips, and NFC. Plus, our software accepts VISA, MASTERCARD, AMEX, Discovery, Apple Pay, and Samsung Pay depending on the processor. 

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3. Analytics for informed decision-making 

Data is the key to any successful business. VELAONE’s cloud solutions provide analytics and reporting tools, enabling owners to gain deep insights into their business performance. 

4. Self-ordering solutions: empowering customers, boosting efficiency 

Explore the self-order revolution with our solutions. For restaurants, we have two self-service functions, our newest Table-Kiosk function, and the Self-Ordering Kiosk. Both solutions allow your customers to personalize their orders, improve order accuracy, and reduce wait times. 

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